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92% of online users would stop using their most used FREE news, content or services sites if they had to pay for it!

The internet is an integral part of online users’ lives. The vast majority access the internet on a daily basis (97%), and during an average day, more than half of them are online for 3 hours or more.

European online users are happy for their data to be used for targeted advertising in order to get access to free content supported by advertising.

Nine in ten online users (92%) would stop accessing their most-used free news, content or service site or app if it switched to paid access only. This underscores both the reluctance of online users to pay for their online experiences and also the perceived ability to find a free substitute for any online content or service that starts to require payment. Those aged 45 years or over are less likely to pay than those aged 16 to 44 according to a recent study of Europe online (iab)

Two thirds say they would be happy for their data to be used for this reason, and more than 8 in 10 would prefer free sites with ads to paying for ad-free content

Between 42% and 75% of the free content or services that Europeans access online for free are supported by ads, mainly movies, news, video, music/radio and gaming. This makes advertising supported the main route to accessing online content.

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