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Is renting meeting rooms the new co-working thing ?

In France, a startup called www.comet-meetings.com has just raised 8 million euros from a handful of private investors, including the founders of PriceMinister and Fotolia, for its meeting room rental service.

This is clear proof that the room rental market is in full expansion. Not much has been written about this new source of revenue. Yet meeting rooms are still essential in spite of the fact that work patterns are changing and fixed office with big empty meeting spaces are disappearing in favor of co-working spaces and mobile working environments.

The founder of the rental startup is certain that in the long run, new players will actively position themselves in this market. Their ability to raise significant funds is testimony to the viability of the new industry. While the 8 million in capital seems small in view of major American levies, but it remains surprisingly high for a European company.

Comet Meetings offers a place for business meetings and seminars, as well a whole range of related services such as catering or wellness coaches. The company offers clients an all-inclusive package so organizers only have to show up with materials, presentation content and the rental fee.

Other International players are already in the running such as https://www.spacebase.com/en/ that promises to rent meeting rooms with just a few clicks. They have scouted the best venues in unique locations sure to not only boost creativity, but also to be easy on the budget. (source Florian Mas)

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