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The significance of Rituals in the community

Everyone has activities that they prefer doing together in their daily routine. Some may be serious pur­suits, like attending school or festive events; oth­ers may be more entertaining, like swimming. Whatever they are, they bring people together.

As mentioned above, rituals are a repetitive activity. They create a life of meaning and purpose. For example volunteering or yoga classes are weekly rituals that bring people together. These activities reinforce a sense of community. You can experience those social practices by attending the classes, but you can also do it through creating other rituals – be it through nature walks with a group of people in your neighborhood or an annual trip with your friends.

There are several occasions to bring the community together such as anniversaries or local events. Check out our list of ideas 👇

Welcome New Members

Welcoming new community members is an important ritual. As the saying goes: “We welcome you as once we were welcomed ourselves.” In this regard, we can take one step further by sharing our visions and setting clear goals. This process will inspire them to feel valued and motivated.

Digital Channels  are as important as in-person activities

What kind of content are you posting on your online community channels? Are you welcoming your new members or promoting their accomplishments? If there is something else that you want to promote to your community don’t forget to be consistent.  What about adding a gaming element and rewarding the members with the highest points? Simple ideas that make a difference.

Help each other

As a vital part of your community, its important to focus on people. There are many ways to build a strong relationship with them:

-Donate or raise money for your locals

-Help register people to vote

-Help the Animals or the Environment

-Help the homeless

Celebrate the success

Give your community a raise. Appreciations build loyalty.  It’s important to celebrate every victory, big or small. We can celebrate our accomplishments and encourage others to achieve theirs. As Dr. DeSteno  states, “Those around us become more likely to apply them when we do.”

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